My Current Event Analysis Paper Essay

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Race and gender have been a very recurrent topic of discussion in the news nowadays. I have chosen a very recent news event for my current event analysis paper. The Event that I have chosen is centered around gender and racial discrimination.This incident happened recently when a Black doctor - Dr. Tamica Cross faced discrimination due to her gender and race on Delta airlines flight in mid-air . The Reading that I have used to connect to the news event are — “10 Ways racism killed Michael Brown and Eric Garner”by Chauncey Devega, Chapel hill shooting and western media bigotry, “More Black Men are in prison today than Enslaved in 1850”by Dick Price, “Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and Violence against Women of Color”by Kimberle Crenshaw, “The Social Construction of Race’’by Ian F. Haney Lopez.
 I chose this news event because I was shocked seeing the discrimination faced by someone of a very high reputed profession because of the color of their skin and the gender. The main idea behind my current event analysis paper is that how gender and race discrimination overpowers and discriminates anybody regardless of the profession.The discrimination due to Race and gender should be taken more seriously and their should be qual respect for every Race, Gender as this is the basic to mankind.This paper heads that event that make us realize how gender and race plays an important role in our lives and it goes with us everywhere we go and when it is
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