My Current Field Placement And Area Of Interest

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Washtenaw ACT (Assertive Community Treatment) is my current field placement and area of interest. The agency monitors medication, coordinates and links clients to resources, assesses mental health, and assists in the planning and advocating for our clients social status, mental health and overall well-being for individuals with a severe and persistent mental illness (CSTS, 2011). With all of the great methods we use at ACT, we do not use any of the current information or techniques we have discussed this far in class. Severe and persistent mentally ill populations show the most immediate benefits from psychotropic medication involved treatments. A meta-analysis of 106 studies found that individuals with psychotropic medications were more improved than 65% of individuals treated with somatic methods only (Bently, 2002). I was baffled with how mindfulness techniques could apply to populations with psychosis, in an agency that focuses so heavily on a medical model. Worried with how auditory hallucinations, delusional thinking and wavering moods, I was certain that mindfulness was not for this population. In class, we discussed how mindful eating would be any easy way to incorporate being present in your body. That was a good suggestion, but I wanted to be able to access all the layers to mindfulness, not just being present. After researching I stumbled upon Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. When working with individuals with psychosis in addition to mindful awareness and
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