My Current Field Placement As A Social Work Intern

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My current field placement as a social work intern is at the Family Assessment Program (FAP). FAP is a voluntary program that aims to strengthen families and help them stay together. FAP seeks to reduce youth’s future involvement with the juvenile justice and the child welfare system. The clienteles that FAP deals with, are parents who are having difficulties with their teenage children and want assistance and guidance with changing the children’s behavior and developing a positive relationship. In addition, FAP is the last step before parent files for a Person In Need of Supervision (PINS). FAP would assess the family situation by interviewing parents and children individually and together, they determine the best suitable intervention for the family. If the intervention does not solve the issue or the child refuses to participate, then the alternative is to file a PINS to control the child’s behavior. Engaging with some families, I was able to apply four concepts; empathy, boundaries, social taboo and focused listening. In applying these concepts, I was able to identify my obstacles, weaknesses, strengths and develop my social work skills. The following scenarios will focus on my strategies with applying the concepts, the obstacles I encountered and ways in which I could have improved the concepts. Through self-reflection, I was able to select four cases where I was able to apply the above-mentioned concepts.
Shulman defined empathy as “helping the client…
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