My Current Financial Situation : Cosi

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My current financial situation Since February 2015 I have been employed at the business called Cosi. At the restaurant Cosi’s I receive direct deposit, bi- weekly from the range of $250-$370. I can receive this payment depending on how many hours I receive from my boss. In a week at work sometimes I make about $20 a week in tips. As far as expenses, I spend about $120 every week. My expenses as a college student goes to buying food on either grocery shopping, or just buying myself a meal every day to eat. I spend about $10-$15 if I do not go grocery shopping and buying a meal daily. If I go grocery shopping I will spend about $70 a week. On a weekend from going out with friends I manage to spend about $40-$50. So, financially I…show more content…
It is important that every college student has their own bank account information under their name and not their parents because the older you get you want to show that you are making your own money and you can be financially stable on your own and start to build your own credit. Credit Having any type of credit card is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Having a credit card and paying it off and following all of the rules can help you maintain good credit. In order to remain with good credit you must always pay off what you owe in time, and never spend more than half of the amount on the credit card. You can use a credit card overseas, it tracks on of your expenses, raise your FICO score and some offer cash back. Right now in America having good credit is everything, it can be the reason you receive a good home or car. A credit card can help you start off with building good credit, or rebuild off the bad credit you had. Having a credit card is always the best when you have an emergency and you don’t have enough money to cover it. When you are not smart with using a credit card it will be the biggest down fall you can make with your credit score. It is never a wise decision to spend all the money you have on your credit card. Once you spend all you get tempted to go over your total amount. When you default on credit card payments you

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