My Current Integration Of Acquired Knowledge

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Reflections on the 7 Dimensions Upon taking this class I feel I have greatly increased my knowledge regarding personal growth. I believe I have been informed with the class material, the assigned textbook, and the text summary response assignment. Throughout this course I have raised my personal awareness and have been integrating these various insights into my personal growth. Person growth involves the broad aspects of physical, intrapersonal, interpersonal, intellectual, occupational / educational, communal / environmental, and spiritual. In this paper I would like to evaluate my personal awareness and reflect on how I am integrating my knowledge in my daily life. I will assess myself on a scale rating of 1-10, 10 being the highest.…show more content…
In order for the my life to be whole, other areas must be adequate alongside. This is similar to Maslow 's hierarchy of needs. For instance, if I deprive myself of sleep, my body image and self-concept can suffer. The body, mind and spirit are interdependent. I have discover if I do not get quality sleep, my body won’t perform as well. It isn’t only about not only about getting 6 to 9 hours of sleep (Corey). it’s about the quality of sleep. For example, if I go for a jog or have a coffee right before my bedtime the quality of sleep will diminish. “If we deprive ourselves of sleep on a regular basis and rely instead on chemical simulants to keep us awake, we pay a price in the form of decreased creativity and productivity, as well as an increased risk of depression and anxiety (Corey). I have found if I don’t get quality sleep, I am more anxious and less cheerful. Therefore, I realized it is more beneficial for me to get a couple hours of extra sleep, and that way I am actually more productive. A good night sleep is one physical aspect I have been utilizing incessantly. I raise my self-awareness of how important physical activity really is. “As a risk factor for heart disease, physical inactivity ranks as high as smoking, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol,” and doubles the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, anxiety and depression (Corey). “The body knows things the thinking mind can only imagine. Its
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