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IGN (Include Previous Names Also): My current in-game name is FyrGhost. Whilst my current name will most likely stay unchanged, I’ll notify the appropriate staff member if I move. My previous names include: XxFyr_Gh0stxX and Funky_Kid247.
Age: I have recently turned fourteen years of age.
Timezone: The timezone that I live in is UTC+12:00.
Location: I am currently living in New Zealand.
Gender: I am a male. This will probably stay unchanged, however I’ll be sure to notify the appropriate person if it changes.
How many hours can you play each day? I can contribute between two and three hours per day throughout a standard working week. However, on the weekends, I can contribute upwards of five hours per day.
Have you had any past experience? Yes, I have various past staff experiences. However, regardless of the fact that I haven’t held staff positions on a whole lot of servers, the many skills and traits I have accumulated could be beneficial to Velt.

I have only recently stepped down from a position from a certain server’s staff team. After five months working on and off, I’d finally decided that it’s time to leave for various reasons. This server was a factions server with a player base of between ten and fifteen players on average. The server peaked at around sixty players. Throughout my time on the server, I held many staff positions - Manager, Admin, Support. Admin, Helper and Mod - however, whilst I was an Administrator, I was required to deal with staff and player
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