My Current Position Requires That I Write

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My current position requires that I write daily. I prepare estate plans, draft petitions, and provide information to my clients, who usually are not lawyers. I provide my client written instructions regarding funding their trusts, trust administration, and probate procedures. Many clients prefer communicating via email; thus, I find myself writing detailed explanations of legal theories and application of the law to the facts of their case. It is crucial they understand the issues, so they may make educated decisions. My clients have expressed their appreciation of my ability to communicate complicated legal issues in a straightforward manner. My editing experience includes editing letters drafted by my assistant, as well as pleadings…show more content…
Some trusts require distribution after the death of the person who created the trust. Some trusts require the trustee hold and manage the trust assets for a specific time period. Renting the Property If your brother’s trust allows you to manage the assets for the benefit of the beneficiaries, then you may consider keeping the house. A trustee has a duty to manage the trust assets as a prudent investor. A prudent investor will do what a reasonable person would do under the same circumstances. To determine whether a prudent investor would keep the house, you must determine whether the rental income would exceed the costs of keeping the property. Renting the property is not as simple as making sure the toilets are working. You must comply with landlord tenant laws, possibly hire a property manager, and pay property tax, insurance, and maintenance costs. The trust must have a cash reserve to cover any unexpected costs. Such costs may include hiring an attorney to evict a tenant. There may be a loss of rental income or a tenant may damage the property. Normal maintenance costs may add up as well – something as simple as replacing a roof may cost thousands of dollars. A cost benefit analysis will be useful to determine if the fair market rental value and appreciation
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