My Current Understanding Of Social Work

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My current understanding of social work is that it is a profession which helps different people achieve various goals or obtain different types of services. Social workers may work with very young children or they may work with the elderly or any age group in between. Social workers are often advocates for underprivileged groups of people. Social work is often categorized into three main groups, micro, mezzo, and macro social work (Cummins, Pedrick, Sevel, 2012). In micro social work, social workers, “work with individuals, in families or in groups, and in public, not-for-profit, or private agencies” (Cummins, Pedrick, Sevel, 2012). In mezzo social work, social workers, “work in program and policy development or research evaluation within community agencies or private corporations” (Cummins, Pedrick, Sevel, 2012). Lastly, macro social workers, “may be involved with community organizing and development, or working in the political arena as a state or federal employee, elected official, policy analyst, or lobbyist” (Cummins, Pedrick, Sevel, 2012). No matter what area of social work a person works in social workers need to be culturally competent, and follow the social work mission and values. My current understanding of service learning is that we have the opportunity to experience a social work setting and learn about one type of social work agency. In our service learning we will be supervised by a supervisor who may or may not hold a social work degree.
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