My Dad And My Father

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When I was 13 years old I realized that I was similar to my father. Now I was like most people saying that they were different than their parents and whatnot.The thing was that during a dinner conversation with my family,we were sharing our thoughts on the government and how the government was slowly falling apart and how to fix it so I told them my thoughts because it seemed like a fun subject to talk about. After I had given my drawn out speech on government views they looked at me and then just started started saying how I was just like my father. I doubted them at first,but the more they said how many similarities I had the more it made sense. Everything thing they would say I would slowly and surely think about it in my head only…show more content…
He kinda chuckled and said his favorite team was the Chargers as well even though he wasn't born there he really just started enjoying the team because of the logo. After more talking I also realized that we both thought quarterbacks where the most important part of the team, and that the chargers were finally gonna make the Superbowl really soon (well we were wrong about that one). My sister just started laughing and said “don't forget about the fact that you both love music and play instruments.”
“Thanks Monet you're really helping.”
I said in a really sarcastic way only then to sigh and sadly say to her “but correct again.”. Both my dad and I enjoy playing musical instruments him the guitar and drums me the violin. Then I asked my dad what's his favorite type of music and he said either rap or world beat only then for me to say I also love rap. In my mind I thought that he was lying about everything he said and to actually believe that we so much in common to me seemed unreal. Then my dad said said something that made just accept the fact that we were very much alike. He asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up then I said “my god you’re right” I do want to be an electrician “but it's a electronics and electrical engineer” I stated and that was the same job my dad had in his eight years in the navy. After dinner had ended my sisters,mom,and dad just casually

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