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The man above all the rest, because of his influence on my life, is my dad. He is so special to me that it's hard to put it in words. My dad is the one who had me knowing in my heart by 7th grade, maybe even sooner, that I wanted to teach someday and that I wanted to coach. My dad was a 5th and 6th grade teacher for 23 years. During these years he coached track, softball, volleyball, and my favorite sport, basketball. I think I probably had a basketball in my hands when I was born!

My sisters and I used to travel to games with him on the bus with their crazy bus driver, Mr. Krueger. The team members always welcomed us, and we had a blast. My dad used to say as Mr. Krueger wildly whipped around another corner, "don't you tell
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I have so many vivid memories of my dad in front of a classroom captivating his "audience". I remember during a science lesson on the parts of the body he had middle school students playing "The knee bone's connected to the...". He had the respect of his students and, in return, they worked hard for him. He had the ability and opportunity to influence each and every one of their lives. I hope I will someday have a similar influence on my students. I have many special memories of helping my dad with bulletin boards (not always willingly!), correcting papers (which I did enjoy!), reading stories for contests, and just observing him.

My dad's a principal now of an elementary school, but he is probably one of the most visible, active principals I've ever known. My dad plays his guitar and sings during school assemblies. How many principals do that? The kids, teachers, and parents all get a kick out of that. Since he was a teacher for so many years, the teachers feel more like he is "one of them", not an egotistical administrator that feels he is so much better than everyone else. He really loves and cares about the kids. He's so proud of the students in his school, always cutting their pictures out of the paper and having kids be "principal for the day".

Many people have influenced me to become a teacher through their example and their sincere concern for me. Some great people listened to me and are now my

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