My Dad : My Father

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My Dad

My father is my inspiration, motivator and the actor of my life. I am so sorry Dad! at the very last moment of your life I could not even say you bye. I had a mountainous pile of dream to share with you, to discuss with you but all curiosity remained unresolved. I know you were excited to see your grandson that you hadn’t met since his birth. Thats the reason I was flying to Nepal as soon as possible but unfortunately we can’t meet due to almighty. You flew away before I reached to you. You left this world without meeting me and your grandson forever. I felt so wretched Dad. I was teared, cracked and broken down to the road. I wasn’t able to give you the physical attachment with my son to whom you were waiting for a long time to feel, to see and to touch. I had dream of seeing your happiness after putting him on your lap. I was thinking that you would laugh at him, enjoy with his innocents and would forget your physical tiredness and pain.

Mom said you wanted to clean the house, paint the house and fix everything before we reach there. You wished to make sure everything would be okay so your daughter and grand son need to face to trouble but the heartless god didn’t allow you to do all them. She picked you up, seized our happiness and destroyed our cherish. I didn’t have word to express to anyone at that moment. I stopped doing anything because I became like all of my limbs alienated. I became like disable without power of thinking, without any hope, without

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