My Dad Should Be Deployed During The Middle East

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It’s never easy to grow up with a parent in the military. My dad has remained in the air force even before my older brother and I were born, and before my parents were married. For my dad to be deployed during the holidays is a usual occurrence for our family, and we’ve learned to cope with keeping in touch over a phone and letters for months. In the year 2010, I learned that my dad would be deployed to Kuwait in the Middle East for four months. I was currently in seventh grade at the time, so the news was hard for me take in. Before then, my dad deployed countless times before, but four months at that time would be the longest he would be away. Watching my dad step onto the plane I try to hold back my tears, but fail every time. I know for the next few months it will be a hard-hitting time for our family to go through. He’ll be so busy in Kuwait and our time zones will be unalike. I had to skip that day at school because of my uncontrollable tears. The next day I go back, I have to remain focused on my work and not think about if my dad made it there safely. When we hear from him that night later that he and his crew landed safety, one extra weight feels lifted off my shoulders. But further extra weight still remains. During this time in my life, I wasn’t close to anyone at my school. I had a few friends, but no one I could really talk to about my feelings. When I did tell my friends about my sadness they weren’t of any support to me. I even heard one girl say behind my

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