My Dad, The Very Tall, Black Haired

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My dad, the very tall, black haired wrinkly faced guy named Curtis, went to prison when I was four years old. He was released in 2011. Eight years of molesting my sister yet, only got 6 years. I was never told the whole story, but I was told the basics. I still love my dad with all of my heart, but what he did is unforgivable and sickening. I went and seen him up north when I was at my sister Jessica’s house visiting. She doesn 't discourage nor encourage me to do anything with my father. She understands that I was too young to comprehend what happened, and after all he is my dad. I decide to visit him for the first time in 7 years, it’s 2012 and the only memory left of him was his mustache because I had forgot what he looked like. “Hey…show more content…
I carry on walking to my destination trying to forget what just happened, but can’t help but replay the whole scene in my head over and over again. Nothing has changed, he’s the same. I was young when he left, but I can deliberately remember certain things. Like how he would insult us, or bring out his shotgun. I try to block out the negative things that happened. The next day few days come and go. I haven’t heard from him at all. Growing up with alcoholic parents is difficult. They treat you like you, mean nothing, and their only concern 24/7 is themselves. Curtis never really tried to keep in contact after he was released. He sent a card on my birthday, and not every birthday just some. Then a gift on Christmas no calls or anything, if I wanted to hear from him I’d have to put in the effort. My mom is still an alcoholic until this day also. When Curtis got locked up, she was destroyed. Things got so bad over time. My mom drank to the point where she couldn’t get out of bed and all she would do was throw up. My sisters and I became so used to the fact that she threw up constantly, it didn’t even bother us. Just recently is when things got better because my step dad threatened to leave her because all she did was drink. It may have been brutal and messed up on many levels, but sometimes that’s what a person needs. That push to get things back to normal. I’m just waiting for my dad to get scared the way she did to stop
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