My Dad Will Kill Me

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I’m wide awake when my alarm goes off at 5am. I pull on my sneakers and soon they’re slamming the pavement. But the thoughtlessness never sets it. My brain is stuck running around in circles. All I can think about is last night. Liam’s face right before he kissed me. The way he brushed my face. This isn’t happening. Then I realize: This can’t be happening. It’s not just the fact that Whitewater, Ohio isn’t exactly known for its liberal thinking. My dad will kill me. The pavement under my feet blurs and tips as I run faster. I run parallel to the chain link fence of the town park. Through it, I see a couple, an old man and woman, sitting on a bench, holding hands. I feel a sharp twinge in my heart. When I get back home, my phone is lit up with texts. ‘Morning.’ And another: ‘Alex?’ I text back: ‘Hi.’ A veritable sonnet. The reply is almost instantaneous: ‘Want to go to the movies?’ The movies? I think, but my rebel fingers have already responded. Sure. The nearest movie theater is in Danville, the next town over. When the truck pulls up, my heart speeds up like a cornered animal’s. I run a comb through my inch of hair, and straighten my shirt. I’m unprepared for the adrenaline coursing through my veins. It’s like I’m about to run the 3,000 meters in a race. The drive to Danville is the most awkward twenty minutes of my life. We don’t know how to act around each other any more. Not that I had much of a clue before. When we get there, it’s worse. Do we share a popcorn,

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