My Dad 's Speech : An Easy Child

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I was born on July 3rd, 1998 at 10:30 PM in Bellevue, Nebraska. My dad was in the Airforce and my mom had just left the Airforce due to being pregnant with me. She left because she wanted to stay at home to be able to raise me as a full time mom, I believe that her staying at home rather than staying in the Airforce had a big impact on my development. I also have an older brother who was seven when I was born. Due to infant amnesia I have almost no memories of infancy and toddlerhood. After being born in Nebraska about a year later my family moved to Houston, Texas. According to my dad’s speech at my graduation party, all through my life I was an easy child. As an infant I had an easy temperament that stayed the same throughout my life. In infancy an easy child “Quickly establishes regular routines, is generally cheerful, an adapts easily to new experiences” (Berk, 2014). As a child I followed the tendencies of secure attachment. This meant that I my parents were like a secure base, when I would be separated it varied whether I cried or not. When my parent would return, I would immediately seek contact and if I had been crying I would stop as soon I as I was back with one of my parents. According to my mom I was a compliant child, meaning that I showed clear awareness of expectations and I would be able to follow simple requests and rules. When I was three I joined a class called Kindermusik. In this class I spent the time learning about music, instruments, singing and
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