My Dance In Dance

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The lights are on me and the other performers on stage. The crowd is cheering so loud the music can’t even be heard. Hearing them cheer made me push myself harder than I already was. I can hear the crowd screaming my name and which made me feel confident in my dancing. The whole first floor of the auditorium was filled with people shouting at their top of their lungs. Performing in front of a crowd just fills me with adrenaline and makes me forget about the world. It's almost as if I’m free even though I have a choreography to follow.

Ever since I was a little kid I was always in love with the arts. I would always draw, color, and paint something. My favorite class in elementary class was art and I wanted to be an artist at that time.. As time went by I changed my mind after falling in love with the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. I wanted to be in a movie just like that. I kept dreaming of becoming an actor but I didn’t do anything. I was too shy to ever join the drama club in 5th grade and middle school. When high school came along I decided to put my shyness to the side and take the drama class because if I wanted to be an actor I had to take action.

After the first day of class I instantly fell in love with it and was glad I took the decision in taking that class. I also joined the drama club and I fell in love with the arts more. Taking the drama classes and joining the drama was the best decision I ever did and it made my high school
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