My Daughter Zoey and My Parenting Style

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At age 4, Zoey was generally cooperative, avoided getting distracted, and stayed on task. This is typical at her age because between the ages of 4 and 7, children can focus more and not get distracted as easily because of myelination. (pg. 255) At age 8, a psychologist examined her and Zoey was very focused and maintained concentration throughout the IQ and achievement testing. This is typical at her age. At age 3, Zoey's fantasy play has gotten more and more elaborate. Sometimes I overhear her repeating something I said days before almost word for word. Typical (pg. 280) At age 8, Zoey is mostly content with the role of big sister, and plays with our other daughter Sophia quite a bit in the back or front yard. It's usually some elaborate fantasy game or construction project. Typical At age 4, I noticed Zoey is getting rigid about gender roles. For example, boys should not play with dolls or dress up, and girls can't be firefighters or police officers. She is at level 0. This is typical. At age 10, Zoey has some girlfriends that come over from time to time. I noticed that most of her friends tend to be somewhat tomboyish and two of the girls have older brothers. Zoey enjoys playing sports with the brothers, and sometimes Zoey will also play sports with some of the boys on the block. She is at level 1. (pg. 422) The examples above show social development because at age 4 she was egocentric and didn’t understand gender roles. As she got older, she became a tomboy and grew

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