My Day Around Town With My Sister Emily

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It’s March 22, 1756 and I’m spending my day around town with my younger sister Emily. It’s hot but I don’t mind. I’m just glad I don’t have to have the rest of my huge family with me. There’s my mom, my dad, my eight year old sister Emily, my two younger brothers, Jack, who is six, and henry, who is five, there’s also a baby who is a year and a half old, her name is penny and she is the only reason I don’t lose my mind living with a loud, chaotic, messy family of seven. You might think being a fourteen year old girl living in 1756 with four younger siblings would have it’s perks, and it does, I can leave the house whenever I want to. That is pretty much the only perk, except I can’t leave before six in the morning, I need to be back by seven at night, and I have to come home for lunch. Even my little sliver of freedom has it’s downs. It could be worse though, There’s a family that sometimes hangs around town named the Barkers. They don’t have any money and they often go without food. Their clothes are rags and they don’t have shoes. Everyone helps them out as much as we can but there’s only so much you can do. It’s not really possible to just buy them a house or all the necessities they need, especially because they’re a family of eight. It makes me sad that they once had a house and everything they needed to stay healthy and happy and then one day that was all taken away from them. I was thinking about that as I walked home with Emily. When we got home the smell of

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