My Day At A Wax Museum Essay

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“So guess where we’re going over spring break?” “Where?” I asked my mom. “We’re going to St. Louis to visit a Wax Museum.” Her voice was enthusiastic, and she was too hyper to go on the trip. When she informed me about this outing I was not excited. I loathe leaving Kansas City. There’s nothing to do. You’re perched on your butt in the car for hours on end, and there’s nothing to look at but farmland and the occasional cow. Over time, the journey begins to get boring; you’re exhausted for a considerable length of time. Also, I have five brothers and sisters. I would be with them in the car with them the entire outing and they’re boisterous. Being in the same red car with them for ten minutes, I can’t stand; I didn’t know how I was going to survive an entire trip. The day of the trip, my mother woke all of us up at 6AM. I was already exhausted. I was trusting I would get the opportunity to rest, as I was on break. She could have told me she was waking us up early. I was certainly treasuring my sleep. “How long is the drive?” I asked my mother, “Around four hours,” she told me. My mouth dropped open in disbelief. How could any trip take this long? Prior to the outing, we went to pick my grandmother up. She’s very enthusiastic and talks so much. I asked my mom “Why are we going to grandma’s?” and she told me “Because your grandma is coming.” Sarcastically I thought, “Incredible, more people, just exactly what I wanted.” My grandmother has never
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