My Day At High School

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Every day after school I watched Amelia run towards the High School, her backpack bounced with every step. Even now in High School she runs behind the school. She’s looking for something, or going towards something. I have never talked to Amelia. I have never seen her speak to anyone unless necessary. I also have only seen her at school. She seems to never leave here, as if something ties her down. I have seen once where she goes. On the other side of school there is an outdoor entrance to the school’s greenhouse. Last year in science we took a trip there, and the whole time Amelia was smiling. I couldn’t stop staring at her smile. I have seen her smile before, but none like this. Her smile was filled with true joy. Every time there was a question her hand would fly in the air with excitement. The next day I remember she was so upset that we weren’t going back. I swear I saw a couple tears fall from her eyes. Today I was going to follow her to the greenhouse. I hope that is where she actually goes. As soon as the last bell of the day goes off I’m out the door. I stop at my locker quickly and grab everything. I don’t know of the homework I have, so it’s better to grab everything. I run towards the greenhouse, it’s farther than I remember. As I reach the door I see thee shadowed figure of her. I open the door slowly; trying not to disturb her. She doesn’t see me, so I stand next to the door watching her. I don’t know how long I watch her till she see's me. Instead of
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