My Day At School Sweetie Essay

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Ellis1Malik EllisProfessor JannotsEnglish 10121 September 2015First day of schoolSweaty palms, shortness of breath, stomach locking it was the first day of school. I was alreadylate for school because my little sister slept under the fan and caught a cold that night so mom had toquickly find a baby sitter. Thinking to myself “can my day get any better.” I already had a lot to thinkabout I was the new kid. That’s where the pressure was at I wondered if kids was going to like me, if Ihad anyone to sit at lunch with or if anyone thought anything wrong.Everyone was so judgmental nowadays. I get in the car every year mom has a pep talk with meon how she knows I can do this and the rewards if I get good grades, but it was only going in one ear andout the other. The time is now 8:30 School started at 8:15 so I get out the car and tell mom goodbye.“Have a nice day at school sweetie love, ya.” Mom said“Love you too, see you later.” I said as my voice trembled over every word.I walk in the school and I can hear the sounds of my footsteps as I block any and every sound out.Boom! Boom! Boom! Was all I heard as I look for my classroom?“Do you need help young man?” The man said fiercely.“Yes I am looking for room 207.” I responded back to him.“Well 2 means second floor and we are on the third floor sir.”I didn’t even respond back because I felt that he approached me the wrong way with an unnecessarytone and attitude. So I walk to the second floor and find my classroom. I stood at the door

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