My Day In Thailand

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I remembered when I fell down the tall lime tree. I remembered wrapping around my friend's arms, jumping and running like crazy and singing along with them after school. But when they don’t wrap their arms around me, I would cry and felt lonely. I don't know why I would cry just for that. Well, here’s a story of my day in Thailand. Preschool was fun for me in Thailand. The teachers taught us how to sing different songs about our culture and the alphabets. We also did some math problems too. I totally forgot what I learned specifically now though. I was known as the best student in my class. My short tempered teacher would often say something like, “be more like Pleh Meh. Pleh Meh is your role model.” I liked it when she says that, but I didn't felt like I deserved to be called the best student though. Anyways, our school lunch was pretty good. They cooked chicken with mixed vegetables such as beans, broccoli, and potatoes. It was my favorite. Oh and I hate the bathroom that is close to my preschool. It was so old, there were small holes on the walls and it looked like it was about to fall down. It was tiny. It also had no locks on them! When I need to use the restroom, some of my friends would peek and I felt so uncomfortable that I don’t want to use it. Now I think about it, I’m not even sure if there was a toilet inside or was there just a dirt hole. After school, I would mostly go hang out with my friend Beh Meh. We caught butterflies, dragonflies, and crickets
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