My Day Of A Conversation

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It was a chilly winter-spring morning March 26, my dad’s birthday. I look at the glass door of my Bubbe, and Zeddie’s, and see the misty air, and the trees blowing slowly side to side. In my Hebrew Academy uniform I rub my hands together bringing warmth to my cool hands. I blow hot air on my fingers, and feel heat rush through my body, like an airplane rushing into the sky, after take off. Quick, at first, but slowing response in a calming way. My family gathers in the walkway of the big house, and I join them in curiosity.

They talk quietly, and I come in the middle of a conversation. I wait until there 's silence and ask, “Where’s Grandma?” I try to retrieve my information, in a polite way.
I get a response almost immediately, “She’s
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Am I some sort of devil child? I loved her so much! WHY! JUST CRY KYLA! G-D DAMMIT!

She was such an amazing women. Strong, brave, outgoing. All these things I would admire her for, and occasionally feel embarrassed. I remember one time we went to this totally vegetarian restaurant. My great grandma ordered something that had some sort of false meat, and the waitress came up to our table, and asked, “So, how’s everything going over here?”, My grandmother started to yell, “not good!”, and bang her fist on the table, like she always does everywhere, all the time. I guess that she didn’t really like how her meal tasted.
“Everything’s great. Thank you.” my Zeddie says trying to clean up the loud mess that was caused by the courageous women.
“Okay” the frightened waitress walked away in silence.
I guess I kinda get it, sometimes false meat isn’t the greatest. Nothing like the real thing. That’s something I will remember for a very long time.

No one else is crying, or showing their emotions. This makes me feel better. I don’t understand why. Why should I feel better that no one is acting sad? This should make me feel worse, but it doesn’t. This just makes me feel worse about not crying. I have this conversation in my head.
I’m trying, stop making me feel so bad
I think I may need to keep making you feel bad until you cry
Well fine then just keep going, I NEED to cry
She was your great grandmother, she always ate whatever you cooked, even when nobody else would
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