My Day Of High School

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This course has been the most challenging year of English yet, which is fitting because it culminates my last year of high school. In fact, I am writing this piece on my last day of high school. This is one of the last English classes I will ever take. I am not planning on majoring in English in college but I have truly learned to see the beauty of language I use every single day. It may sound cliché, but there is nothing more fulfilling than being able to express myself on paper. Thirteen years of English class (twelve excluding kindergarten) and in one year I finally learned comma placement, how to competently write a paper, and how to use databases which are a college staple. This portfolio is full of papers I have written using the knowledge attained throughout the course. All of the papers in this portfolio are from ENG 112 as it is the second semester. Although I thoroughly enjoyed writing some of the papers in first semester, I believe my skills were used more effectively during the second semester. I had more time to process my writing in the spring semester, which allowed for improved work. The first paper I wrote for spring semester was on the concept of the American dream. This paper was one of my favorites to write because of the sheer amount of research readily available. I had access to surveys, essays, and just about every famous U.S. leader’s opinion on their idea of the American dream. This research helped me to realize that the American dream was much

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