My Day Of Silence

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I chose to take a day of silence from 2:00 pm to 10:30 pm. This day of silence was done on my way home for Thanksgiving. I spent 2 hours in the car in complete silence, without music or any other imported noise, breaking every 30-45 minutes to stop and take a short walk as suggested by the instructions. The final hour in the car I played light classical music and hymns, to combat drowsiness. Then, after getting into the airport, I sat at my gate with noise canceling headphones in and read. I read from the Bible (both Ruth and Luke in their entirety) prior to my plane ride, Parker Palmer, and a novel called “Me Before You” that examines the life of a paralyzed man who wishes to commit doctor assisted suicide. My day of silence was completed exactly 30 minutes prior to landing in Albuquerque, New Mexico for Thanksgiving.
In the silence, I found myself contemplating the concept of vocation. Since my day of silence began roughly around the same time that Examined Life would have been starting, the topic was already on my mind. Specifically, my vocation, which is becoming more nebulous the longer I stay away from my home and delve into who I am to be as a single unit, opposed to how I fit into my families paradigm. Prior to coming to college it was my belief that I was going to become a professor, that I was called to teach, and that may very well be. However, as I progress in my work through Mission Waco, and explore the calling to ministry in my life, I wonder if I am brave enough to listen to that still small voice. Then, I wonder, why not both?
The title of the section in Parker Palmers book, “Let Your Life Speak”, that speaks to his personal journey towards vocation entitled “Now I Become Myself” really spoke to me. Throughout this chapter(s) he examines his personal journey towards self discovery. I journey, I have realized I myself am on. When I thought about what I would tell my family when I stepped off the plane, as I was driving to Dallas, I realized that I would have to fit the person I am to fill the place where the person I was fit so comfortably. Like Palmer moving to the monastery, my moving to college was “like moving to Mars- utterly alien but profoundly compelling” (Palmer 23). I have become a
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