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Research shows 75% of individual prefer a five day school week over a four day school week. Having a five-day school week will have another day to gain education. Some schools prefer a five-day weekend will not be a good idea because, too many days off, nothing much to do at home, never know what the whether may decide to be, and it would be in the way of the parents work hours. First and foremost, people do not need that many days off. That would mean that it would be a three-day weekend. A three-day weekend is like, a vacation to me. That long period away from school like that often, it seems like you are out of school more than you 're in school. Education is a requirement to success in life, it will get you a long way. That might be way too many days off. For example, I know if I had a three-day weekend, I would not remember some of my work. Most people will benefit from that fifth day of the school day week. Therefore, more people would pass. I am not saying that a three-day weekend would not be a decent break. It 's just way too long to be out of school for nothing. Some people are still busy over the three-days so, their still not getting a break. At least, you will have more time to do what you need to do. Having that many days off can worry your mom as well. Furthermore, there would not be much to do at home within the three days. I would want the fifth day because that can be the day that you will have time to study, that could be your free time, or it can even be
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