My Day Started Off Normal

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My day started off normal. Except the fact that I couldn 't find my other shoe anywhere. I was probably doing more harm than good. After I was done looking in one spot I would leave it looking like an active war zone and go on to the next. Heather decided to ignore my intense search, opting to skim through a magazine. "Hey Luc, are you going out?" Heather asked while still flipping through the magazine. "Yes, do you need anything?" I asked, finding my shoe underneath the couch and putting it on. "Well, it 's not just me, we kind of need some groceries and stuff." "No! Not grocery shopping! You know I hate grocery shopping." I said, throwing myself on the ground to try and add a dramatic flare to hopefully get my point across.…show more content…
Halfway to my destination I caught sight of movement out of the corner of my eye. I quickly stopped and went back a bit. Turning I came face to face with a beast that could only ever be described as a small black puff of fur with red eyes. A Hellhound. It was currently occupied with ripping open bags of dog food. It was quite enjoyable given the fact that creatures like the Hellhounds will either appear to look like something normal or will be completely invisible. Since this appeared to be just a puppy it probably didn 't have enough power or strength to hold an appearance. I watched as this puppy was busy trying to eat the scattered food as some poor clerk was trying to clean up the spilled food. I don 't know what they thought was happening, but it must have been pretty weird. Then again this whole situation was pretty weird. Usually, Hellhound pups stayed with their moms for the first year and usually never this close to people. The little thing looked no older than a couple months. I looked around hoping to possibly see its mom around somewhere. But I knew better. I would have seen one by now. And more importantly. It would have seen me. Especially since most creatures of the night, have a natural feeling of loyalty to me. I scanned the area one last time. I couldn 't just leave it here. Letting out a huge sigh, I pushed my cart down the aisle. I stopped a couple feet away, grabbed a couple giant
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