My Day : The Story Of A Pajama Day

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My head was covered with blood and I heard screaming in my ears as I fall to the ground. I was in the first grade and tomorrow is pajama day, which I’m very excited for. I am six years old and it’s toward the end of the school year. My mom and I were in her room watching television, while my brother was taking a shower. I was running from my mom’s room to my room getting boxers and choosing what pajamas I was going to wear tomorrow. I was running back and forth to show my mom what I was going to wear. My mom had told me several times to stop running around the house, but I didn’t really listen to her because I was too excited. I ran to my drawer to get sports pajama pants and a matching shirt, until I ran and hit my mom’s door knob.

I started bursting into tears as I ran back and my room and started to cry tears on my bed. My mom didn’t think much of it because she thought my head was going to hurt for a little bit and then go away. My mom walks into my room asking me what had happened. I was covering my head with my hands and showed her my head. My mom had a shocked and scared look on her face as if she had seen a ghost. My mom then broke down into tears. I slowly put my hands into my vision and I see my hands covered in a dark red blood. I ran to the mirror and saw a piece of my head was missing and I had about a dime sized hole in my head. I started to scream at the top of my lungs. My mom had gotten a rag and covered my head with the rag and had told me to
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