My Day Without Laughter Is A Day Wasted

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Charlie Chaplin once said “A day without laughter is a day wasted”. I cannot even begin to express how accurate that quote is because humor takes up an enormous portion in my day to day life. I love to laugh; I love that pain in your stomach that you get from laughing too hard. I love the feeling of lightness that you get physically and mentally from laughing too hard. My favorite television shows, movies, videos, and people are somehow connected to if they have made me laugh or not. I would say that I have made my fair share of people laugh, generally because I made a fool of myself or I hurt myself in some way. My favorite television shows are Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and How I Met Your Mother. I am actually addicted to Friends right now. I love how dramatic everything is in those shows, but at the same time ninety-nine percent of what happens in the show could happen in real life. I watch those shows when I am feeling stressed, if I am feeling just a little down, or if I am feeling sick. Humor plays a major part in television shows to make them interesting and to keep society watching. She’s the Man, Life as We Know It, and all of the Pirates’ of the Caribbean are all humorous movies that I prefer to watch because they make me laugh. They are movies that you watch when you are down and you need a good pick me up. I like to search funny videos on YouTube if I am bored. Some of the videos on there you have to wonder what the director and/or the performer of the

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