My Dearest Lucynell's Poem

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My dearest Lucynell, How I've watched you grow near the western water well, Your strength surpasses even the Sun herself. I recall when you were only a smidge taller than your favorite shelf, Looking up at me with bright, beautiful eyes that are most innocent, With your dirty blonde hair, rosy cheeks, and dress adorned with light lint, You've made me quite a happy old bell, My dearest Lucynell. My dearest Lucynell, Now you're taller than that ol' well, An' tougher than any rainstorm or hail, Wish your deadbeat dad would at least send you some mail, With your skin as lovely as porcelain, I'll always keep you safe in your darling den, My dearest Lucynell. My dearest Lucynell, Wouldn't I worry you'd always fall right in that well, I should
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