My Dearest Sisters Of The Slating Committee

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My dearest sisters of the slating committee, In 1893, ten phenomenal women came together on the basis of shared visions and dreams to found our beloved fraternity, Alpha Xi Delta. These women took a risk in hopes of becoming something bigger and better than themselves. Their successes are the reason that we are all bonded together as sisters today. It is now our duty to carry on the mission of our founders by living true to our symphony and ritual in order to fully realize our potential and wear our letters with the utmost amount of pride. If you ask what it means to be a leader, you will likely receive a different response each time. Everyone has a unique view of defining leadership that encompasses one’s individual beliefs, values, and goals. Some think that leadership means guiding others to complete a particular task, while others believe that it means motivating individuals to be the best version of themselves. Even though definitions vary from person to person, the general idea remains the same: Leaders are people who know how to achieve goals and inspire others along the way. To me personally in the context of our chapter, leadership is the ability to take advantage of our chapter’s strengths and address our chapter’s weaknesses in the most productive and efficient way possible. It is about knowing my fellow sisters and myself, and doing the best possible job to set both up on the right path. It is about having the humility to put others first in

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