My Death Experience Research Paper

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My death experience was emotionally . She was my whole life. I was like 2 or 3 years old. Fun fact: A day or two after she died I was in my room and I was playing with my dolls and I was in there my myself and I started to talk and I was talking to her in heaven and I still do. She did everything with me and for me.

Another death experience was physicaly. My great great grandpa. Everybody cried for a week. I cried to because I saw my family cry. After that week we relised that he was gone and all we could do was pray.
We missed him but it changed our life because he was always there for us.

My other exspirence is academicaly. How? Well one day I was at my aunts house and she had a dog and when I was leaning in to hug him and kiss
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