My Decision For Graduate School

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Personal Position I feel that my decision do graduate school was one of the first decisions that was guided by prayer. The majority of my decisions since graduating from Longwood University have been based on circumstances. When I graduated I decided not to move back home but to stay in the small town. My parents informed me that they would no long pay for anything and I needed to find a job to pay my bills. I graduated with a degree in therapeutic recreation. I began by applying to anywhere that had a position open regardless of if I wanted to work there or not. All of my experience was in parks and recreation. I knew that I did not want to work in psych, and with the elderly. However I applied to many behavioral health hospitals and retirement homes. The first place to off me a job was Poplar Springs Behavioral Health Hospital, which was a locked psych hospital. It was not something I wanted, however it was what I needed. I took the job figuring I would hate it, turned out I absolutely love mental health and behavioral health. After almost two years of work at Poplar Springs and driving an hour and a half to work each day my fiancé and I through it would be best to move closer to my family in Northern Virginia where there are better opportunities for jobs and jobs closer to our home. We moved before I turned 26, which is when I would be kicked off of my parent’s health insurance. I wanted a job at a hospital with teens. Again I needed a job so that I would have health
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