My Decision For Pursue Career Ambitions

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My decision to pursue career ambitions in internal medicine did not come in a moment of blinding revelation, but rather a series of experiences that started during my childhood. Ever since childhood, I had a deep fascination for art work and being an astute observer of the environment and human nature, I often put my perception onto small pieces of arts and illustrations. I always felt that art has the power to brighten the souls and fascinate the disenchanted world. The most fascinating piece of art for me was the human body itself. I was always awed by the ingenuity of our Creator who generated a masterpiece in the form of the human body that is capable of independent and myriad functions and dysfunction. In Internal Medicine, I found the perfect amalgam to combine my empathetic personality, my artistic nature and my curiosity about the operation of the human body into a well-rounded physician. Both of my parents are physicians, and during my childhood, I tagged along with them to the rural health center where they worked as dedicated physicians. Watching them, intently listen to patients ' problems and address them, I gained profound insight into the healing relationship between patients and doctor/healer. I had the opportunity to lead patients to their respective departments and while on the way listen to their problems which not only nurtured the compassionate person in me, but also exposed me to a new medical problem every day, which I had no conviction of at that
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