My Decision For Pursue Medicine Essay

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My decision to pursue medicine happened when I was still an adolescent. I scheduled a science-heavy course load in high school. Shadowed a physician for two months. Pursued a degree in Honours Biological Sciences. Graduated with distinction. Applied to medical schools and received my acceptance. My academic and professional career planned at the ripe age of fourteen. As the years progressed, my passion and interest in medicine waned. I was left feeling deeply unfulfilled. The career I was pursuing had ceased to be reflective of my interests. I struggled to procure the enthusiasm to apply to medical school, putting it off until I was in my final semester of university. Every time I broached the topic of changing my path with my family I was left believing I was making a mistake. It took getting accepted into medical school and booking my plane ticket to leave for me to realize that the mistake I was making was no longer just a few years of university or a couple of high school courses, but a twelve-year commitment to a career I had little interest for. After years of thought and consideration, I decided pursuing a career in law despite my science heavy background is a real possibility. Law appeals to me because I believe the most concerning issue plaguing Canada is not healthcare but corruption. Corruption has costs that far exceed any other problem. Corruption breeds injustice. It undermines individual’s values. Just like how physicians are the first line of defence…
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