My Decision Of Stay With Shannon

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My decision to stay with Shannon Ever asked yourself am I doing the right thing? Is this person right for me? I had asked myself these questions many of times especially over the past few years. My girlfriend Shannon and I were in the most complicated situation that either one of us had ever been in. She was recently divorced and a few years older than me, she had left everything she had ever known to move back home with me, back home would be South Carolina. Things where chaotic to say the least, we lived with my mom, step dad (whom I’ve never got along with) and my adopted twin sisters. After being there for six months I was faced with a decision I never thought I would have to face, should I stay with her. I had met Shannon when I was twenty. She was married and I could tell she was not happy in the situation she was in. One morning she had called me and told me that she was getting divorced and she didn’t know what she was going to do. After a long discussion we came up with a plan, she had a good job and well I worked for my uncle, it was uncertain but nevertheless she didn’t mind. We were going to make it work. My uncle’s girlfriend hated her for the absurd idea that she was twenty-five and still married, she was such a hypocrite for that my uncle was still married. None the less it caused a huge headache so we moved out and became homeless. I was starting to question myself and the decisions I was making to be with her. I can think back to her saying, “it will be
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