My Decision Of Undergoing A Career

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Through the countless moments of witnessing medical triumphs and from the battles that seem lost it has made way towards solidifying my reason to study medicine. This is not a decision that roots from an epiphany, but rather it is a result of my experiences and a true immersion in the field that has led me to make my decision of undergoing a career in medicine. Through witnessing my own grandmother 's struggle with pancreatic cancer and my experiences, I began to find a joy in what I was doing, even when the outcome is unpredictable and not always positive. With perseverance and dedication, one can make way towards finding the solution, something I witnessed from the team of oncologists and surgeons treating my grandmother at the time. There did come a time when all hope was lost, but the battle was never lost, and it is true devotion to medicine that physicians like those in my grandmother 's aid can provide the best health care despite all odds. These experiences were fruitful in that medicine gives an instant gratification even when negative outcomes are still present, and true dedication would pave the way of many medical achievements witnessed today.

Along with being an observer of this resilience, which drives the profession, there have been various work experiences that have given me a greater understanding of the profession. Emory hospital provided me with an opportunity to work alongside ophthalmologists and view the different subfields of glaucoma, cornea, retina,…
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