My Decision to Join the Health Care Field Essay

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I made the decision to join the health care field based on my own desire, love of the people that live and thrive around me, and to be a role model for my daughter. I feel it is important to have a goal in life, and it is important to me to show my daughter the value of goals, and achieving them as well. I love meeting new people, and being able to lend a helping hand in any way I possibly can. What better way to help the general population then to have a profession in the health care industry.
My daughter is seven going on eight this coming year, not only am I major influence in her life, but I wish to be a positive one at that. There are many lessons we can teach our children in this growing age, but one of major importance is the
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The research to find the correct programs, and to know where to start, that is the journey and it began when I decided to do something different with my life. I know my experience may seem broad, and it is not my intention. I feel my most relevant experience for this program is the process and the work and ambition it took to discover the program itself. I know that this experience, even sitting here writing this is beyond any other experience I have ever done in my life. This process, this essay, this opportunity shows me that I have the courage to be a part in this profession. I have the passion to want to do, and be more, to know when to do the right thing. This experience is a chance for me to have a redeemable career, and this process means I am well on my way of doing so.
Communication for me of the verbal kind has never been a challenge, I love meeting new people, and I love talking with new people, I am a people person to say the least. My personality under pressure supersedes any negativity that is happening around me, I don’t believe that negative things should overcome the positive, and I see every situation in life as one with positivity. I am an excellent verbal communicator, especially in the work place. I must be, because I am a particular person when it comes to most things in life, not to say I am stubborn, unwilling or unable
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