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The best part about being a human being is our ability to look into ourselves, and see both the good and the bad. Sometimes we might see traits that we love about ourselves, and other times we might only see things we hate, but we should be able to see that all of it is good. This “good” comes from God making us in God’s image; by doing this God gives us inherent dignity, and value. And just as Bonaventure says we can use our internal reflections like a mirror to see God. This idea really struck me while I was reading, there is no way am I a mirror to see God. There’s no way you can see God through a blonde haired, blue eyed, 18 year-old, privileged white girl who has acne and is no where near perfect. But then I realized through the texts of the third…show more content…
In this text Francis describes again that we are made in God’s image and likeness, but because of this we can’t take undue credit for our talents and gifts, because after all they’re not ours to take credit for they’re God’s. Therefore it’s not a bad reflection on myself to enjoy my witty humor; in fact it’s a form of praising God. To praise God I have to appreciate that first my wittiness helps to bring out more of my outgoing nature. Because when I first meet someone again it might be an awkward situation, but by making a joke I’m able to alleviate some of that tension, and get the ball rolling on our hopeful friendship. Secondly, I have to take my wit for what it is, and as one of God’s gifts to me I have an obligation to try and alleviate the suffering of others by making them laugh. Obviously this isn’t always going to happen. But, I also feel like my wit helps me to see if I could be friends with a person, for example if I don’t make someone laugh with a joke that I find hilarious, maybe its better for me to put my effort into a friendship else
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