My Definition Of Friends With Classification

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My Definition of Friends with Classification The meaning of the word "friend" has evolved through several historical, social and cultural changes over time. Human beings are born into families. Human beings are able to pick their friends. The word friend, according to the online etymology dictionary is define as "one attached to another by feelings of personal regard and preference.” Human beings believe that the way to escape overwhelming emotional it to pick a friend. The first contact with another person may start with a smile or a simple hello. The introduction takes a few risks of ritual questions, a sense of humor, shaking hands, and keeping an open mind listening to what the other person is saying. The word friend is attached to a person when you realize the two of you have something in common. The friend role is than facilitated. It provides a growth of structure and roles, from this structure extended family development modes of being and becoming. The important of friend’s role are communicated as a fixed and significant point in one life. The bond between friends may or may not be broken with each stage of a person education level. True friends will be the same the same at any stage of your live. They will always provide a sense of security and continuity with you and your family. When you life is being stripped from almost all other aspects of live the true friend remain constant. Most of them are on your face book page. People regularly bring…
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