My Definition Of Learning Analysis

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Different people have diverse definitions for learning just as they learn with different preferences. My working definition of learning involves using and understanding facts, knowledge, and experiences to grow as a person. Contrary to observing and trying to remember the material, learning encompasses approaching the material and making strong connections with it. Learning, a difficult and life-long process, is significantly affected by those you meet. These people can show you how to do something or even what not to do. Whether or not they directly teach something, you can learn from all. Some people learn by watching, others by listening, and even others by doing. Personally, I prefer a combination of all three.
Never actually remembering what I was taught, a large deal of my junior high was spent memorizing facts for the test and then quickly forgetting no matter how hard I studied. High school came along with my utmost memorable learning experience yet. History or social studies always caused the most immense amount of trouble out
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If he was a boring, non-engaging teacher, I probably would not have paid as much attention in class as I should have. I grew as a student, became an improved studier, and developed a mind further adept at absorbing information due to him helping me use the assortment of facts and knowledge I learned in his class. After growing as a student and becoming a better learner, I know I owe this to him. I discovered my own definition of learning and my learning style in a world history class and I will continue to use that knowledge throughout the rest of my life to continue my learning experience. People study history in order to remember what happened and to attempt to not construct the same mistakes in the future. I studied history in order to discover the ways to learn best for myself to use in my
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