My Definition Of Normal

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What is considered normal? Everyone today yearns to be considered normal, but what exactly are they striving for? Found in the dictionary, the definition of normal is: an adjective; usual; conforming to the usual standard, type, or custom. But, how can anything be considered normal if no two people are exactly the same? Norms form a society. They are the standards by which people live by. Growing up in Rhode Island, my experience has been with the American contemporary society. Our society has to put labels on everything and everyone in order to function. There are different norms for the way we look and act. Our society has set an extremely high standard of normality with appearance. People believe that the norm for appearance,…show more content…
I am not staying popular people cannot be friends, but they are friends based on a superficial idea. They care about the clothes, the looks, and what people thought of them, while my sister did not care how she dressed or if what approved of what she was doing. All she cared about was having what she determined to be fun. While most people looked at her as being a nerd, I look at her as being a cool person who was content with her life.

This experience made me start questioning the idea of normality. I realized that norms measure a person's happiness. If a person is normal, then he or she has found security and happiness. But, what about the rest of us? Just because I have not achieved, and in most cases unwilling to achieve, the norms of society, does this make me inferior to the norms? Beside myself, many people have internally agonized over the idea of norms and how they serve society, especially dealing with appearances. Everyone comes to a point when they evaluate their lives against these standards. Often times, in a person's quest for normality, they have to conform and try to destroy their differences from what they perceive to be normal. Before they realize they are different, they are, in a sense, content with their lives. This idea can be found my many writings such as Elizabeth MacDonald's Odalique. "My hair is short can less feminine at this time, my face rounder, my body plumper.
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