My Definition Of Success Has Changed Over The Years Much Simpler At Twenty And Now

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My definition of success has changed over the years much simpler at five and sixteen then it was at twenty and now. I imagine it will change many more times in my life, redefining success is part of growing up, part of the process that shapes who we are, as our values change as our goals change our definition of success will also. Defining success is no simple task because what success means to you may be very different than what it means to me, yes it has a general definition that is in the dictionary but we each have our own idea and picture in our head of what it mean to us. For many materialistic and status driven things like “ to be famous with lots of money” “ big house and lots of money” these are very common answers for many American$2 when asked what would make them successful, although these things are nice and I wouldn’t say no to lots of money or a big house (fame I could take or leave) these are hardly my ideas of success.
Success to me is always striving for more, more knowledge, more experiences, trying to be a better person, or to be a more giving and friendly person, a more open person. To learn what life has to teach you, not just what is in a book. Success is not letting the bad things get you down, or keep you from trying again when you fall, staying true to your authentic self, an ongoing process, a state of constant growth it is unattainable because you should always be striving for it. adapting overcoming and surviving.
This is what…
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