My Definition of One's Identity

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Is it where you are from? Is it the culture of your ethnicity? One’s origins? Maybe it is the language one speaks. I suppose Identity is just a given – something that’s handed down at birth, and thereafter is rarely a second thought on the minds of most. But for some of us, who don’t belong to a single particular group, identity is a question that develops over time. The opportunity to choose who we are, our innermost spirit is something I began to appreciate.

Take me, Kalim, for example. I’m neither black nor white – rather I wear something of a permanent tan, or at least that’s the way I see myself. For an immigrant child this probably seems normal to some but for others, an oddity, to be a dark skinned American boy. You see, my mother, quite fair in complexion, came from Pakistan to the United States, and this was a long while ago – certainly before I was around. With her she brought her beauty and her culture, but little else for everything else was lost. I’ve never really known how she came to be here, whenever I enquire, she simply turns to me, and tells me why, but not how. She says she came to start a new life, one that was better for her and one that would be better for her children, and a family. She told me that America was a new start- and with that her eyes sigh with relief, and she returns to what she was doing. I guess the topic is sensitive for her, but I couldn’t ask my Father - the stout, dark skinned American…
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