My Desire For The Veterinary Profession

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A Veterinarian is not only an activist of animal welfare; he or she is also a teacher, a role model, and an active member of the wider community. So that I might realize these responsibilities to the fullest extent, I have engaged in a variety of professional, academic, service, and personal disciplines throughout my student career. I believe my continuing development as both an individual and aspiring professional will allow me to share these experiences and contribute to the diversity of my Veterinary class. My enthusiasm for the veterinary profession has only cultivated since my childhood by a deep fascination with animals and their health. From this foundation I developed an enduring sense of responsibility and pride in providing care for all creatures, even as my perspectives and aspirations matured. For instance, my understanding of the community role of veterinarians expanded rapidly when I began shadowing various small and large animal vets three years ago. I participated first-hand in treating and dressing wounds, dentistry, sheath cleaning, preparing vaccines, administering medication, surgical preparation, post-operation care, taking vital statistics, collecting samples, and monitoring vital signs of anesthetized patients. I also eagerly took part in a summer internship two years ago at the Greyhound Placement Clinic in Augusta where I discovered that I was in my element working side by side with a veterinarian. Ever since these past several years I began to
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