My Desire For Writing

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Thuvaritha Sivakumar
HUM 101
I cannot imagine writing in my life without thinking about the wonderful experiences I have with it. Writing has helped me express my thoughts clearly with so much freedom to express my opinion. My desire for writing started in my first-grade class, when my teacher introduced us to daily log journals. I would be enthusiastic when we had to write in our journal, I would keep writing in my journal until my teacher told us to stop multiple times. I would write in my log proudly with several grammatical and spelling errors. On top of that, I was impatient to read my story to the class every day, because I felt so proud. After that, I would give it to my teacher to grade, I loved seeing her face every time she chuckled while reading my errors in my writing. I felt very proud every time she put a little check next to my story.
Everything was going well, until my teacher introduced us to poetry. Poetry is an interesting type of literature that I have never understood. My teacher would share with us a poem every day, and then we were supposed to write our own poem. Every time she gave that assignment, I would stare at my paper, blanking out of what I should write about. Everyone would be writing poems and be engaged in the assignment, and I would be there pondering about what I should write for the first line. I felt the structure was too difficult to follow, and I had to be more creative while writing poems. I struggled a lot to write one
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