Essay on My Desire for Writing

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My Desire for Writing

I can remember my mother telling me that I was going to be a writer some day. As a child growing up I would always sit in a corner by myself with pen and paper and just write (scribble rather). My mother told me that I started doing this when I was about one or two years old. She taught me how to write my name, the alphabet, and words at an early age. I guess it was during the early stages in my life that my motivation for writing started. In elementary school I learned the basics of writing, which is grammar. Once I learned the basics, it shaped and paved the way for future writing pieces. I have always been the youngest and only girl in a family with three children. I was basically a
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Through writing poetry, I was able to endure and resist negative peer pressure.

Not only did I write about growing up and my feelings, but I also wrote about different situations around me. For example, I wrote about homeless and less fortunate people. I always had a deep concern for the homeless and less fortunate. One of my main goals is to help people who are less fortunate. I guess one may say that I am a kind-hearted person. Well, me looking around and seeing people living on the streets and hungry made me write about what I thought of them and how they can be helped. I also wrote about how I thought they ended up homeless or hungry. I wrote short stories about these situations. There was always a happy ending for my short stories. I always ended with the homeless and less fortunate people being helped and living a better life. My short stories always had morals and lessons to be learned. One of the lessons in them was that one should always weigh the pros and cons of a situation because one bad move could cause a lifetime of pain.

In the midst of writing my poems and short stories, I decided that I wanted to be a famous writer one day. Therefore, I started to write my first book. At the time I started writing my book I had a best friend who lived in a domestically violent home. My friend and I grew up together as neighbors and she would always come to me with her problems. Her
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