My Desire to Participate in the Summer Research Program

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Why do I want to participate in the summer research program including my goals for summer, strengths I bring and what I hope to achieve.An idle mind is a stronghold of the devil. No teacher would want to be stagnant in this age of growing technology and information. If I were teaching Math maybe I would not worry so much as 6 x 9 would equal always to 54 but in Science, things do change fast and as I blink my eye I can lose sight of a shooting star right before my eye. I want to be where the change in Science happens. And I am always fascinated about new things. And it has a domino effect with my students.I may want to go to a place to rejuvenate as school days are always busy but time flies so fast before you know it, it is back to school again.I always encourage my students to go to summer programs, recommend them to workshops and trainings; I think I need one too myself. If I want to be a better teacher and be better at what I do which is teaching then I need to be in a summer program. I want to learn new things and be productive at the same time. I need to grow, books and videos and articles in magazines are sometimes not enough. This is the reason educational tours or virtual tours are important. We need to get out of the classroom and see the world or see what’s on the other world. If not for these great scientists who persevered and persisted, we would not have known the beauty of the cosmic space above us and the bottomless canyon and snow covered mountains of the

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