My Desire to Study to Become a Pediatric Endogcrinologist

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My initial interest in the biological field was when I noticed that the Hispanic student population studying sciences was decreasing, and also by the fact that I was so fascinated by the manner in which Biology studies very complex and exciting characteristics of living organisms. Subsequently, I have been impressed by all the great things that you, as a biologist are able to do in an operating biological room and out of it, from seeing viruses and bacteria under the microscope, to seeing a hippopotamus behavior from far, it is just stunning. Biology distinguishes itself to me as sophisticated field of study to pursue, of tremendous breath with a practical focus. My personal experience as a Diabetic patient over the past seven years has taught me some conditions that are applicable for the study of Biology, as understanding the Endocrine System and its behavior, or how insulin works to lower high levels of glucose in our blood stream. Further than that, I want to take Biology to a whole new level, where it can be applied better to research, as finding a new medicine that would control or even cure Diabetes or Cancer. Furthermore, I seek a science field that encourages the understanding of living organism, how they evolved throughout the years, why and how it happened, and the effects it has done in us as humans. I believe that I can help our community starting…
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