My Dichotomy For College

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Considering, my father is a veteran from Brooklyn, New York and my mother is an immigrant from El Salvador whom barely spoke English; I was certainly raised in a diverse environment. The disparity of their backgrounds is immeasurable, but their lives has impacted me greatly. Their relationship and love remains strong, even though they divorced when I was an early age. The dichotomy shaped my character, perspective, and my entire state of being. I was encouraged to play sports and excel in my academic pursuits. I am competitive in nature and I continually strive for success in all my endeavors. *somethings missing
I graduated my senior year from Highland High School as the Captain of the football team, Head Editor of the school newspaper, in the top 5% of the class and accepted to every College I applied to. I attended the University of Redlands a few months early for football camp, quickly moved up the depth chart and enrolled for my first-year classes. A week before my classes commenced, I tore my ACL, MCL and shattered my kneecap; ruining my chances of continuing to play college football. On the first day of attending class I was in crutches; even though I was disappointed, I
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Everything has an underlying meaning that is waiting to be understood, and life presents us with specific events that become points of reference for growth. Neither a veteran nor an immigrant could teach me the reality of life, I had to discover it myself. Life isn’t about right or wrong, but rather truth or consequences; and I am severely concerned about the trajectory humanity is headed, and a legal education will provide me a platform to express my ideas, participate in the political sphere and hold people responsible. I am determined to face opposition and engage in a nurturing environment that encourages challenge, in order to, surrender myself to my life’s
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